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Judaism --> GOLDA MEIR (1898-1978) Israel's Third Prime Minister

When the word "greatness" comes to mind, Golda Meir comes immediately to the forefront. Her commitment to her land and to her people was the paragon of human dedication. Her complete involvement, tempered with love, fired by fierce devotion, caused the world to know that she was a true mover of mountains.

Though born in Kiev, Russia, she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family in 1906. In 1915, she joined the Labor Zionist Party. In 1917, she married Morris Meyerson and they moved to Tel Aviv (then Palestine) in 1921. Later they became the proud parents of Sarah and Menachem.

Eighteen years ago today (March 7, 1969), Golda Meir was nominated by the Labor Party to be Prime Minister of Israel. She held this esteemed position until 1974.


Before Golda Meir became Prime Minister, she was the Foreign Minister for Israel from 1956 to 1965, During her time as Foreign Minister, she had the opportunity to work with the cooperative agricultural and urban planning programs between Israel and Africa. Golda Meir was very proud of her international, as well as domestic work.

Golda Meir House - Denver Colorado
It was in Denver that my real education began...

Because her parents would not support her desire to become a teacher, for a time Meir ran away to Denver, Colorado, to live with her married sister.

She also married Morris Meyerson, whom she had met in Denver.

In 1981, the tiny duplex at 1606-1608 Julian Street was first identified as the Denver home of Golda Meir. The house was inches away from demolition. An intense effort by a small group of concerned citizens including the   [1] temporarily saved the structure, which narrowly escaped fire, a tornado, vandalism and repeated demolition attempts by the city. The house was moved twice before being relocated by the Auraria Foundation to the Auraria Campus in September 1988.

The importance of Golda's Denver experience is documented in her 1975 autobiography My Life, where she states, It was in Denver that my real education began...

This web page is dedicated to the effort of Esther [Cohen] Strauss and her efforts to pass American Jewish History to the next generation.  Thank you Esther and G-d Bless.

Esther Cohn Strauss 1937 - 2004
May her memory be  a blessing

Esther Cohen Strauss passed away July 28, 2004 of Cancer.

She was my friend.

Esther insisted that the last line of her funeral notice read:
 "Take a friend to lunch..."

Read about Esther and her late husband Mel Cohen efforts to save the Golda Meir House in Denver.

Esther in particular saw the powerful rags-to-riches dimension of Golda's story, her dramatic journey from this tiny Denver duplex to Israel's prime minister and a model for women everywhere.  Esther volunteer and served in the Israeli Army in her mid-50s.

Esther Cohen Strauss and her late husband, Mel Cohen, were so dedicated to preserving a Denver home where Golda Meir once lived that they once slept all night on the floor to protect it from vandals. "Someone had broken some windows and sprayed swastikas on it," said Mrs. Strauss' daughter, Debra L. Ehr, of Mineral Point, Wis. "So my mom and Mel guarded it."

Mrs. Strauss, who worked 19 years to save the house where the late Israeli prime minister once lived, died July 28 of cancer. She was 66.

Esther Cohen Strauss - was Employed at
Denver, Colorado.
[picture to the far left] Sept 2002

Esther Cohen Strauss passed away July 28, 2004 of Cancer.

"Take a friend to lunch..."

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